About Emmiz

‹‹Emmiz›› is a word in Azari language which means our home. Our home is a place where we gather together and have same goals, such as preserving and revival of culture and values and creating new values, with the aim of supporting each other, our home, our bigger home Iran and even earth.

‹‹Emmiz›› design focuses on solving problems associated to human and its surrounded environment. Collection of design specialists, like corporate identity, content preparation, branding, product design, environmental design and interior design all gathered in Emmiz.

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Founder and creative director of ‹‹Emmiz››design is Ammar Isapour Toutizad whose initial activities (early career) in (in the field of) graphic design, motion design and filmmaking have expanded to product design and interior design, and now working as a multi-disciplinary designer.

‹‹Emmiz›› is active in promoting the field of furniture in interior architecture and corporate identity of active brands in this field and industry. In the design gallery section of ‹‹Emmiz››, we see research achievements and products that are according to the customer's order and based on their emotions, sense of need, taste and even edited and limited designs. ‹‹Emmiz›› design aims at giving various kinds of services in original design and breaking the design and production market habits by collaborating with designers and artists in the field of furniture, interiors, urban spaces and etc. Hence, the missions of ‹‹Emmiz›› are defined as follow; • research in product and environmental design • discussion and reflection sessions on design • design training sessions, workshops and tours • inviting designers at home and abroad • product design based on factories and show rooms’ orders